Application Number  201880061372 Application Date  2018.09.21
Publication Number  111107763A Publication Date  2020.05.05
Priority Information  2017.09.22 US 15/713,036  
Applicant(s) Name  ALIGNED AS DESIGNED LLC  
Inventor(s) Name  SWERDLOW LINDA SMITH  
Patent Agency Code  31239 Patent Agent  Yin Hongbo
AbstractAn ambulatory aid, such as a walking cane, includes an elongate shaft, a handle at a first, upper end of the shaft, and a foot piece at a second, lower end of the shaft opposite the first end. The cane shaft can be adjustable at a top end, middle, a bottom end, or any combination thereof. The top of the cane shaft is aligned at a more posterior angle then the bottom of the shaft. The handle of thecane is elongated and extends posterior and anterior to the shaft. In a particular embodiment, a posterior portion of the handle is longer, and optionally larger in surface area than an anterior portion of the handle such that the handle is configured so that when the person's hand is gripping the handle, the handle will be offset over the shaft.