Special blade coating device for film-blowing stone paper nano calcium carbonate coating
Application Number  202020131692 Application Date  2020.01.21
Publication Number  212216052U Publication Date  2020.12.25
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Applicant(s) Name  JIA ZHONGQI  
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AbstractThe utility model discloses a special scraping and coating device for a film blowing stone paper nano calcium carbonate coating, which comprises a paper pressing frame, a material homogenizing roller,a material supply pipe, a coating backrest roller, an adjusting hand wheel, a polished rod lifting arm, a limiting ejector rod, a lifting arm cylinder, a rack, a coating backrest roller shaft frame and a coating scraping rod, and stone paper penetrates through the paper pressing frame and is contacted and tangent with the surface of the material homogenizing roller. The feeding pipe supplies coating liquid raw materials to the homogenizing roller, after coating liquid adheres to the surface of stone paper, the back face of the stone paper is tightly attached to the coating backrest roller, the coating backrest roller is arranged on the coating backrest roller shaft frame, a roller shaft on the coating backrest roller shaft frame is in transmission connection with the driving motor, the driving motor is fixed to the rack, and a lifting arm air cylinder is further arranged on the rack. A telescopic rod of the lifting arm air cylinder is connected with the polished rod lifting arm, the coating scraping rod is fixed to the front end of the polished rod lifting arm and connected with the adjusting hand wheel, and a limiting ejector rod is arranged above the telescopic rod. The device is simple in structure and good in performance, the production efficiency is improved, and the rejection rate is reduced.