Special automatic center winding mechanism for upturning constant-torque stone paper
Application Number  202020131696 Application Date  2020.01.21
Publication Number  211895372U Publication Date  2020.11.10
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Applicant(s) Name  JIA ZHONGQI  
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AbstractA center winding motor of the automatic center winding mechanism is connected with a roll changing rotary shaft, the roll changing rotary shaft is arranged in the center of a double-station cross arm,a winding shaft B and a winding shaft A are arranged at the left end and the right end of the double-station cross arm respectively, and the winding shaft B and the winding shaft A are matched with the roll changing rotary shaft. Roll paper guide rollers are arranged at the upper end and the lower end of the double-station cross arm, paper on the roll-up shaft B and the roll-up shaft A is connected to a paper receiving press roller through the roll paper guide rollers, the paper receiving press roller is arranged at the outer end of a cutter support, and a cutter outlet air cylinder is further arranged on the cutter support and connected with a tooth-shaped cutter. The other end of the swing arm support is hinged to a rack of the winding mechanism, and the swing arm rubber roller is matched with roll paper on the roll paper guide roller in a pressing mode. The device is simple in structure, good in performance, efficient and practical, the production efficiency is improved, and the rejection rate is reduced.