Synchronous rotation automatic air supply device for film blowing stone paper machine die head
Application Number  202020225367 Application Date  2020.02.28
Publication Number  212446298U Publication Date  2021.02.02
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Applicant(s) Name  JIA ZHONGQI  
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AbstractThe utility model discloses a synchronous rotation automatic air supply device for a film blowing stone paper machine die head, and relates to the technical field of papermaking. The utility model relates to a gear reducer which comprises a rotating motor, a small gear, a large reduction gear, an air supplementing pipe, a die head, an annular wear-resisting ring, a die head rotating bearing, a fixing ring and a sealing gasket. The shaft end of the rotating motor is connected with the small gear, the small gear is meshed with the large reduction gear, and the large reduction gear is connected with the die head. A groove-shaped annular air channel is formed in the outer surface of the circumference of the annular wear-resisting ring and installed in a matched mode with the fixing ring, the annular wear-resisting ring is connected with the air supplementing pipe, and a sealing gasket is installed on the upper portion of the annular wear-resisting ring. The device can effectively improve the production efficiency and reduce the rejection rate, and is efficient, practical and wide in application prospect.