Pre-leveling device of coating machine special for stone paper
Application Number  202020325566 Application Date  2020.03.16
Publication Number  212223453U Publication Date  2020.12.25
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Applicant(s) Name  JIA ZHONGQI  
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AbstractThe utility model discloses a pre-leveling device of a coating machine special for stone paper, which comprises a circulating pipeline, a paper guide roller, a natural gas burner, a hot air outlet, anair inlet channel, a natural gas supply pipeline and a drying oven support, the drying oven support is provided with a drying oven main body, hot air is arranged in the drying oven main body, and thestone paper enters the drying oven main body through the paper guide roller. A circulating pipeline is arranged in the center of the top of the drying oven body and communicated with the drying ovenbody, a natural gas burner is arranged below the drying oven body and provided with a hot air outlet and an air inlet channel, the hot air outlet and the air inlet channel are communicated with the drying oven body, and the natural gas burner is further connected with a natural gas supply pipeline. The leveling device is simple in structure, good in performance, efficient, practical, good in leveling effect and high in practicability.